Saturday, August 30, 2014

FAMILY with a Capital F

Oh MY Goodness!  Where have I been?  I made a vow to myself to get my blog going and be consistent, but here I am at this point in my life again when I have to apologize to myself!

Ben and I at the Market
. . .Well, life and my undisciplined self got in the way.  What have I been
doing??  Our daughter and son-in-law came in December of 2013 (don't know if I mentioned that!), and our son came in January.  That only leaves our older son and his family (the three grands) who have not made it out.  Since our older son lived here for a period of time in his grown up and single life,  it is not a high priority to come back the Pacific Northwest.  They, too, have been making big moves--like from Georgia to Pennsylvania!  Anyway, I am blessed with an awesome husband who sent me to Florida and Kentucky in March of this year where I got to spend time with all of them.  We enjoyed some real family time in Florida, and I worked Ben to death in Kentucky.  Enjoyed them all so much!
Enjoying Sushi in Daytona
I returned home to Washington thinking that I was good to go only after a couple of months of routine to experience the PCS migration, the end of PWOC, and the closing of my regular gym/pool.  I wrote a post about that moment in time and will now post it as it has been experienced and overcome!  Ha!  By the time that the end of June arrived, I was wanting change!  My husband again decided to spring a trip on me this time!  So off to Kentucky I go for a week and the July 4th tradition of being with our best buds, Martha and Billy Jackson.  Oh, did I mention that this trip was a surprise for Phillip and Rachel as they were moving back to Kentucky, and Roy, Ben and I pulled it off!  That was payback for their surprising me in December!  Woot Woot!

Well, that brings my timeline up to date, somewhat, so now I will begin to write about the here and now!   Also, you may see a little ongoing post about our furry babies--Huck and Finn--that I am writing to share with my oldest grandson who is new at reading and also for one of my new favorite young writers named Ryleigh.