Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Got a Deal!

My husband and I have been married, as of August 12, 2013, for 35 years.  Those people who know Roy well know that he likes nothing better than the hunt for a good deal and will even pit one business (very effective with car dealerships) against its competition to get the best possible outcome. He pours over ads for the cheapest Diet Cherry Dr. Peppers and drives the distance to acquire them.  He buys canned vegetables by the case if he sees them on sale.  By this time, some of you are saying "enough"! while some of you are saying "that is just good business sense"!

Roy has tried to be a good role model and teach his family members about being thrifty.  One of our children is Roy, Jr. when it comes to money, while the remainder of us are at different stages of learning or just can't be bothered!  Take me, for instance.  In 35 years of marriage, I have learned how to ask for certain discounts, how to shop on line for the better price, and I have even managed to make myself ask Walmart to match the price of their competitor--if Roy reminds me that this store or that has it cheaper.  The shopping online for the kill is no stretch for me at all, but if the cashier in the store acts in the least like the church treasurer who believes the Sunday offering is her personal property or, in other words, balks, I fold, smile and thank her sweetly.

I find that I have to scratch my head in wonder when it comes to certain pursuits of "the deal." I will illustrate the concept.  I see it play out on a daily basis in the food industry as well as in retail, but it is easier to illustrate it than to "name" it.  Panera Bread is one of my favorite places to hang out and use their wi-fi, read or snuggle up to their fireplace all while having the best cheddar broccoli soup that I have ever eaten bar none.  I have a MyPanera card, and I love the surprises that I receive via that card, but there is a problem with it.  A few days ago, I dropped in at our local Panera for just a cup of soup with a whole grain baguette.  I wanted nothing more or nothing less as it was a little later than the recognized lunch hours, I wasn't starving, and I didn't want to be too full to eat dinner with my husband when he got home.

I ordered.  The cashier said, "You have $2 off on the Pick 2 on your card.  Would you like to upgrade and take advantage of the savings?"

My mind is arguing with itself or perhaps it is with Roy's voice--either way, I succumb to the allure of getting a cup or bowl (I can't remember which) plus a sandwich and a baguette and save $2!  Yes!  I got a deal!  Within the hour as I leave I realize that I have spent $2 more than I would have spent had I stuck to my guns.  Granted, I got more food, but I am now feeling sick because I have overstuffed myself, and I will not be able to eat dinner with my husband.

Second case in point!  Easy Spirit has been my shoe of choice for the last ten years or so.  While these shoes have different levels of support, the brand itself came highly recommended by the foot therapist who treated my plantar fasciitis several years back.  However, I never purchase these shoes in a department store nor online; I more frugally seek out Easy Spirit outlets.  A couple of days ago, I realized that I had arrived in this state with one pair of black shoes--casual flats--and one black shoe with a heel. I could not find my other black heel.  Thanks to Google, I was elated to find an Easy Spirit store about 30 minutes from our home!  Yes!  I walk into the store to find the much needed pair of black heels, locate them, and look up to find the following sign:  BOGO 50% off, or something to that effect.  So starts the struggle of what to do!  If I had come in for a pair of boots, I could have gotten 30% off of a single pair!  . . . Okay, so I could use another style of a navy shoe, so what do I do?  Spend $20-$30 more than I had planned and go home with two pairs of shoes.

The point is that I GOT A DEAL, didn't I?

I console myself with the knowledge that when I get to Heaven, an angel nor God will meet me at the Pearly Gates and say,  "For just $100, you may upgrade from from an inside mansion to a mansion with a view."  No!  Jesus paid it all, so I would not have to wonder if I got a deal or not!  Amen and Amen!